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For only $5.26 a month!

Are you tired of these so-called online wallets that you just keep loosing your money in? Most of this money is your business money anyways right? And you don't want to spend the money on a server of your own just to host your "bitcoind" daemon for your business transactions.

Microtronix has come up with a solution for you then, our “bitcoind” online wallet hosting service. Our service IS NOT an online wallet, it's not a web based wallet system with it's own API to learn and integrate. It's NOT a community wallet, we can't stress this enough. All of these services require you to use their wallets and it's a community wallet, where YOUR money is stored with everyone else's money.

We are not that. We have a couple dedicated servers that their only purpose on this planet is to host "bitcoind" daemons!

It's simple, you sign up with our bitcoin online wallet service. We then create you a new user on our Linux servers; this user has it’s own user directory on the server. We then compile "bitcoind" from scratch for your user alone, then launch the "bitcoind" service on our servers for only your user! So it's like having your own server running the bitcoind daemon.

This means that you have 100% online access to your wallet at all times! Second, instead of a community wallet, you have your very own personal wallet.dat file that is yours and yours alone! Since it's in your user directory and Linux is one of the most secure OS’ on the market for user permissions only you and your passwords have access to the service and your wallet.


Features of our Online Wallets

  • Your own personal wallet.dat file
  • Your own bitcoind daemon running on our servers
  • SSH access, is only allowed with pre-authorized Keys, this means no one can brute force hack your password to hack into your user in SSH.
  • SSH on non-standard port for more security
  • All SSH accounts are jailshelled so limited access to the client only.
  • Your bitcoind daemon runs on your very own port, the default is 8332. We give each user their own port on our server and they are non-default ports.
  • Bitcoind access with SSL only. When you sign up we automatically generate a self signed security certificate for your user and your bitcoind daemon, unique to you alone.
  • A user control panel to control your keys and files.
  • Our bitcoin servers do not host any Apache, MySQL or any other service. This is for security reasons, the only services on our servers are: SSH, Webmin for your control panel and bitcoind for each user. So no PHP, no hacking of apache.
  • We have special security measures in webmin that blocks each user after 2 failed attemps to login, for security reasons this is GREAT!
  • Our firewall also blocks users after 2 failed attempts to login.
  • Our firewall BLOCK's all and every port to our servers except the bitcoind open ports for each service running and SSH ports. Our server also blocks all port scanning and pinging of the server to block every intrusion attempt we could think of.
  • Our firewall also automatically blocks all IPs that try to guess your bitcoind password, so if someone tries to hack your bitcoind daemon, 2 tries and they are blocked!
  • We run rkhunter and chkhunter each and every morning to check for Rootkits on our server's.
  • You have full access to your bitcoind client using the bitcoind API calls, you can use a PHP script to access, we also offer our free FastCat BRPC Client from any windows machine and lastly our online control panel has access to your bitcoin wallet for your user alone at anytime from any PC, even Mobile!

We charge a flat monthly fee to use this service, your bitcoind daemon will be running at all times on the server. We restart each daemon once a day at night time to clear out memory, this insures all clients are running 100% at all times.

The cost of this service is $5.26 a month, ONLY! We manage all services on the server and all security. Everything is managed at this low monthly cost.

Backing up your wallet

We also offer full backup services for your wallet. For the low monthly cost of $2.00 per 10GB of space we backup your wallet for you!

We do everything, you purchase the backup service, and we then create a user for you on our super secure backup servers. Once the user is created we then create a backup script on the bitcoin server that backs up once a day automatically your wallet.dat file to the backup server.

Not only does it backup the wallet file it encrypts the wallet file before backup using 4096-bit PGP encryption, this is the BEST military grade encryption on the NET. Once done we then send you the private and public key for you to keep, this is to unencrypt your wallet in the backup.

Better yet! If you already have a backup service at another host we will setup this automatic backup for you also, free of charge using your current backup provider! Using the same encryption routine to ensure utmost security of your wallet at all times!

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